Care & Maintenance

Caring for your SpeedFilm with regular cleaning is essential to maintaining the condition and finish of your vehicle, and it’s even more important to do it correctly. We highly suggest taking these following steps to prolong the life of your SpeedFilm product.

How to Care for Your SpeedFilm

You may see a few water bubbles under the film. This is normal and will go away once the film has cured (up to 45 days).

Check film edges the day following installation to make sure they are secure. Any areas that have lifted should be pushed down as soon as possible to prevent debris from collecting along the edge.

Dust and use SpeedFilm Polish on the film regularly to prevent dirt build-up around the edges and to maintain its glossy finish.

Use a liquid-based car wash soap, extra-soft wash-mit, and water to wash your SpeedFilm Paint Protection Film. Owners of cars with SpeedFilm should avoid brushless car washes due to the type of chemicals used in these machines, which may cause the film to become cloudy.

When using a high-pressure water hose to wash, keep at least 36 inches away from your film's edges and surface.

Wipe down with a clean and dust-free chamois and apply SpeedFilm Polish and wipe dry with a microfiber drying towel. This is very important! SpeedFilm Polish will keep the film’s finish glossy and more resistant to stains and discoloring. Failure to properly maintain the film may void your warranty.

Bird droppings and bug splats should be removed as quickly as possible by flushing the area with lukewarm water. Some bugs may leave stains that normally bleach out in the sun after a few weeks.

SpeedFilm recommends replacing product every five years to ensure maximum protection. Film that is left on for longer than five years becomes progressively harder to remove without damaging vehicle finish.


Do not use abrasive scrubbers

Do not use a powder-based detergent or degreaser to clean your film

Do not use sponges or paper towels

Do not use abrasive or hard-compound waxes and polishes

Do not rub excessively or use excessive force when cleaning or drying

Do not use a high-speed power buffer or polishing equipment

Do not use a high-pressure hose closer than 36 inches from the SpeedFilm surface

Do not pick the edges of the SpeedFilm. Once the material is lifted it will not lay back down properly without damage.


Certain petroleum distillates that are present in some car polishes, waxes, or bug and tar cleaning agents cause urethane to discolor. The following products have been tested as safe for use on SpeedFilm:

  • SpeedFilm Polish
  • Turtle Wax Ice Liquid

Use SpeedFilm Polish after every wash to help keep your SpeedFilm glossy and looking new, easier to clean, and stain resistant.

SpeedFilm Polish



SpeedFilm® warrants to the original purchaser of the SpeedFilm Transparent Paint Protection Film that, for a period of 24 months from the date the SpeedFilm is installed, the film will not crack, peel, or change colors from sand, salt, stones, bugs, abrasions or ultraviolet rays from the sun under normal driving conditions. SpeedFilm warranties apply only to original factory paint— repaints or touch-ups are not covered.The warranty does not apply to any damage caused by abuse, misuse, accident, neglect, modification or competition.

In no event will the liability of SpeedFilm for any damages exceed the price paid by you for the SpeedFilm film and its installation, or the removal of any paint protection film, regardless of the claim. The SpeedFilm warranty shall only apply when the product is installed by an authorized SpeedFilm dealer in accordance with the directions provided by SpeedFilm and maintained in accordance with recommended care instructions. The limited warranty does not cover defects caused by modification, alteration, or repair of the SpeedFilm product by anyone other than a dealer authorized by SpeedFilm. SpeedFilm recommends replacing product every five years to ensure maximum protection.


Before SpeedFilm will approve any claim you must give written notice of the claim to SpeedFilm or an authorized dealer within seven days after the damage occurs. Claims regarding installation must be made within two weeks of initial installation. You must permit SpeedFilm to inspect the damage.


In the event SpeedFilm receives timely notice of a proper claim which is then approved by SpeedFilm, at its option, SpeedFilm will either replace the damaged section or refund the purchase price of the damaged application. These remedies constitute the sole exclusive remedies available to the purchaser. SpeedFilm recommends replacing the product every five years to ensure maximum protection. Film left on longer than five years becomes more difficult to safely remove without damaging the clear coat.