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About Us

Since its inception in May 2000, SpeedFilm has specialized in providing high quality auto paint protection application, servicing Roswell and its neighboring regions in Georgia. With an experienced team of clear film master installers, we established our reputation as pioneers in the industry as the first to offer complete full hood protection film installations in the Atlanta market over a decade ago. We continue to hold our products and services to that standard today by using only the highest quality polyurethane wraps for the best results, and by keeping up to date with fitting techniques and installation technologies.

Coverage Kits

Benefits of Our Services

Preserves Factory Paint and Extends the Life of Your Car

Includes UV Inhibitors to Maintain Clarity and Prevent Yellowing

Invisible and Almost Impenetrable

More Economical than Repainting Your Vehicle

Protects against Road Debris, Bugs, Abrasions, and Environmental Elements for the Life of Your Vehicle

Does not Alter Factory Appearance and Can Be Removed without Harming the Paint

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